The 300hz Appreciation Series: In Hommage to Yage

Since 300hz isn’t exactly the most productive or apparently reliable band when it comes to live shows – which gives us quite a shortage of cool live shots and youtube videos to show off – then we thought we might spend a few words on showing gratitude to amazing bands. We begin The 300hz Appreciation Series by showing deep respect to Yage.

Yage was a collection of dudes from Köln, Germany who started playing ensemble in 1998 according to the annals of european punk rock. If you check they get tagged as ‘real screamo’. We aren’t sure that label really captures the spirit of Yage. To us they were a hardcore band, straight up. But more importantly: they wrote songs as opposed to rehashing the formalities of a style. Surely they incorporated many features that pops up when you think about screamo: frenetic drumming, dual melodic and trembly guitars, vocals that alternate between screams and some singing, somewhat chaotic, energetic and  slightly unpredictable structures. Yage was stylish and they didn’t really care what you thought of them: they just did what had to be done. The singer, Oliver Krebs, whose lyrics and vocal delivery was as intense as it was dynamic, would write in the liner notes: ‘these are my words and my grammar’. He would switch between English and German and his lyrical content was personal and poetic – which nowadays sounds kind of a cliché – but really is just a description of what they were: imagery that conveyed a range of powerful emotions. The people from Yage was a bunch of engaged people: they knew shit and they cared about shit. A band with a message. They were involved in local politics, frustrating as that may be, but devoted to change and making things genuinely better. Their music had the same conviction: whenever you experienced a life show with Yage you were deeply inspired and motivated.

Here is a song, the Human Head too Strong for Itself:

They split up around 2004, after heavy touring and releasing 2 full lengths, a 10″ and a bunch of 7″ mostly through their own labels NOVA RECORDINGS and EARTH WATER SKY Connection: there is a record compiling their stuff called ‘Some Time of a Time’. It is worth tracking, in fact it is necessary and a crucial part of the European hardcore scene.



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Listen to ‘Noller’ and ‘Idiot’ live.

Two songs from our set at Vallekilde Højskole september 7th, the place to be if you ask 300hz.

Noller + Idiot Live

Remember the full album ‘300hz’ can be streamed, downloaded even bought in 180g vinyl at


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300hz CANCELLED @ KB18 September 6th

300hz is cancelling their part in tonight’s fantastic event. Sorry.

But show up anyways: Line-up: This Gift Is A Curse (SE), Manatees (UK), Redwood Hill (K-Town) and Hexis (K-Town).


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New shit

It is no secret that we aren’t exactly the most active band around. We are active in very short periods of manic intensity and then the level of energy drops to a complete halt. Not really the way to built a great artistic career is it?

Anyway, we managed to cancel one show and book two shows in the fall, maybe even more, which we guess equals an increase in activity equal to 200% (but we were never really good at math either).

The vinyl version can still be purchased at and we do appreciate, in a non-ironic and really humble kind of way, every time someone buys a copy. See you out there.


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Vinyl record

OK. We are a bit slow at the 300hz headquarters, mostly because the headquarter doesn’t really exist. The vinyl version of the album can now be purchased at


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Jacob is a man of many talents

When not punishing his guitar in 300hz, Jacob caresses it in Anchorless. They have a new record out on Play/Rec Today – and they are on the radio with Carsten Holm:

Go listen, even if you don’t understand Danish, then there are sweet sounds and songs.




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releasefest videofootage

Hi folks.

Here is a video from the release fest show. Great sets by Alleypisser, Gunni Torp, Concussionists and yours truly (you judge if our set is any good)

And another one:


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